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LinqTechSolutions is a young and chic new product and services development company based in Perth, Western Australia. We do everything related to web and mobile app development and are extremely passionate about building world-class products. LinqTechSolutions is not only a business with highly skilled developers and designers, we are a group of entrepreneurs who run innovative companies ourselves, so we understand our clients like no other companies can. We do not just consider ourselves as coders or designers but as innovators who love to come with new stuff that helps not only us but everyone including our clients and consumers. We also love challenges, as facing them gives us an opportunity to experiment with new technologies and create some of the most amazing apps.


Integrity, respect for people, transparency and loyalty are the ethical principles that guide us in all our solutions. They make LinqTechSolutions a respectful and respected company, led by a community of leaders who share the same values.


We place a great value on honesty, transparency and accountability. We self-assess because understanding our successes as well as our failures is fundamental to continuous improvement.


Optimism, the belief that for every problem there is a solution, an innovation or some way to progress, we dare to do things differently with new technologies and old alike.


We know that by working together alongside to our clients, we are able to provide better solutions. To make our partnership as effective as possible we balance between ambition and humility.

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We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

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Our Team

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There are thousands of companies around the globe offering the same products and solutions as us but it is the ‘who’ that defines us and differs LinqTechSolutions from our peers. Our team are a passionate collective of entrepreneurs ourselves, all different but playing a key role in our economy. So, we understand our clients like no other companies can and use the acquired skills and initiative necessary to anticipate solutions to bring your ideas to market fast and cost-effective.  

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